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In association with Shell Coles Express, when you purchase a car or service your vehicle at City Mazda, you will receive your own Loyalty Card!

Present your card when refueling at participating Shell Coles Express service stations and you will receive a discount of 4c per litre off your purchase for 6 months.
Offer valid until 31 December 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Loyalty Card give me? 
You can receive a 4 cpl discount for the first 150 litres of your fuel transaction at participating Shell Coles Express sites. If the transaction is more than 150 litres per day, the discount only applies to the first 150 litres. 

Does the card have an expiry date? 
The Loyalty Card is valid from the issue month until the expiry date. The expiry date can be found on the back of the Loyalty Card. Your Card has been activated.

When is the Loyalty Card invalid? 
This Loyalty Card is invalid, and won’t be able to be used if: the expiry date has passed, the expiry date is illegible or has been tampered with, the card has been tampered with in any way, the barcode has been tampered with (it is not readable). 

How do I get a new Card when the one I have expires?
You will be reminded to Service your vehicle at City Mazda approximately one month before the Card expires. Once you service your vehicle at City Mazda you will receive a new Card from the dealership.

Where is the Loyalty Card accepted? 
This Loyalty Card is available to be used at participating Shell Coles Express sites in VIC. If this card is presented to sites outside this list, the card will not be accepted.  

Can this Loyalty Card be used with other cards? 
This Loyalty Card cannot be used in conjunction with any other fuel promotion or fuel discount and is only available for cash or credit/debit card transactions. It cannot be used with other fuel card transactions.